The Artists of Collectible Dolls

The Artists of Collectible Dolls

Why do we love collectible dolls? What is the new innovations from artists of collectible dolls that keep us coming back for more and more? Let’s just look at a few reasons if you will.

What Speaks To You

For certain antique dolls are always valuable in sentimental and monetary value. Many dolls have been passed through the generations from grandmother to mother. This is what most likely triggered your first fascination with dolls; either this or the early memories of Barbie and that whole fantasy that made a real impact. The truth is it’s different for everyone and that’s what makes acquiring collectible dolls and baby dolls so wonderful. Also there are so many new skilled designers making unique dolls every year.


We now have a choice between classic dolls or updated vintage dolls. Designers are staying true to retro looks but as the times evolve they are also creating contemporary dolls based on pop culture. As connoisseurs of collection dolls we have allot to look forward to every year and are not disappointed too often.


The amazing thing is that with the dolls of today the striking resemblance to real life can be either adorable or creepy. Actually looking at these life like dolls brought me back to my first child. reborn dolls are certainly something that can take you back and even be fun when big girls feel like acting like little girls with their daughter or granddaughter for a little while. What’s wrong with us “big” girls playing dolls too? No one says anything to the “big” boys when they are playing with their toy “cars”, toy “trains”, or whatever the “boys” like to tinker with.


What about the new pose able 24?-34? ball-jointed dolls? I had to stop in my tracks and do a double take when I saw this doll in a boutique… they look so real! I don’t even know how the craft these some have real human hair and eyelashes! They stand about the height of a toddler, and can be posed in any number of cute poses. Remember these are limited in number and will be retired after a set number.. this makes them very unique.


Collectible Barbie Dolls starting from the first Barbie in 1959 are only increasing in popularity. These days you can find Barbie dolls specifically designed for collectors. If you are just getting started you may want to do some research or chat with an expert to find out which Barbies are best for collecting. The best place to purchase these dolls are on special collector’s websites, online auction sites, and of course yours truly Sometimes you can get lucky and find some at a yard sale because the owners don’t know they are valuable.


Beginning in the 1800 dolls started to be made out of porcelain. Now they are among the most popular for collection. Porcelain dolls vary in style, shape, and size. If you want to collect them focus on something you like or can identify with like a theme (wedding, etc.) or a specific land.


And lastly, there is something for everyone. For the eclectic there are “wild imagination” dolls. For the high fashion tastes there are Madame Alexander, Tonner or Randall Craig Dolls. For the life like enthusiasts you have Berenguer Reborns, Ashton Drake, Masterpiece and Lee Middleton Dolls. If that’s not enough you can browse Katherine collection dolls, Barbie of course, porcelain dolls, vintage dolls, vinyl dolls and more.

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